The most mystic city of 2021

The most mystic city of 2021


The Isle of Avalon, The Isle of King Arthur and Merlin, the city of myths :)

This city is called Glastonbury, it is a shame that I came to know about this city only this year, but it is never late. Go out and explore, who knows how many unordinary, different, unique cities are near me but I don't know anything about. The most important thing is to be open to new adventures. So this year I was more into Spirituality and I discover the most spiritual city in the UK is Glastonbury. It is debatable as this city is real or not. Yeah, I agree the reputation of the Isle of Avalon made this city attractive to tourists and some places are just made to attract more tourists. In the city, mystic shops, places, incense smell are all over the place, even all the people wearing some hippy/mystic clothes, meditative kinds of music/chants are hearable in every street. It was too much, to be honest, but it was too exotic and fun to explore. Could everyone be a spiritualist or have magical power in one city? :) Too creepy? Or too fake? :) I don't mind, of course, some has to be fake, but I believe most of them are coming from their heart :) IMG_9030.JPG

So it was the very first time that I have been to a city like this. You will see it in pictures later. The city is also the host of the largest greenfield music and performing arts festival in the world which is called Glastonbury festival and the tickets for 2022 already sold out and it makes me sad. But I set my intention to be at that festival in one year, definitely! What an amazing experience it would be, imagine :)

We started our journey with this :D IMG_9014.JPG

But still, it went pretty well! :)

I found Merlin and I was so happy as a child :D Like I met the real Merlin :) You can understand I have a special bond with Merlin as I am trying to feed the "healer wizard" in me or I would love to have that special bond :D


There were endless mystic shops, mystic books and crafts. Every shop was unique, you feel different and 1 day is not enough to visit all the shops :) Obviously, if you are into this type of thing, bring money with you :) I made an intention when I have more money I am going to visit this magical city again :)

IMG_9046.JPG IMG_9040.JPG IMG_9047.JPG IMG_9063.JPG IMG_9049.JPG IMG_9025.JPG

I have loads of pictures, unfortunately, I can't put all of them here and it is always best to go and see by yourself! :)

So why this city is so magical? Apart from being the Isle of Avalon, the most mystic part of the city is Glastonbury Tor. This hill has a sacred history related to Paganic and later Christian religions, on top of the Hill we can see the church which is ruined by the earthquake in 1275. Oh, it was amazing to climb on top of that hill. I will put a small video of our walk to the hill at the end. It is also believed that Glastonbury stays on the "Ley line", it is a straight line that connects the world's most sacred places on the map. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence for Ley lines. I hope one day it will be proved :D I love mystic events and always want them all to be true and witness them :D






There are lots of other stories that make this city even more mystic and sacred. It is also believed that King Arthur was buried in the Glastonbury Abbey and I got the honour to visit him in his place :)





Glastonbury Abbey itself is another world :) If you go to the Glastonbury Abbey's website, you will be met by these words: "We are connected with legend to a degree that is unparalleled by any other abbey in England. Since Medieval times, the abbey has held legendary status as the earliest Christian foundation in Britain linked to Joseph of Arimathea and the burial place of King Arthur. Today it is a tranquil setting where you can discover the stories, explore the 36 acres of grounds and enjoy a range of events and activities"





Did you know Avalon means "the isle of apple trees"? :) Yes, And there were loads of apple trees with red apples :) Of course, we collected some apples for ourselves and they were delicious.



And tons of Ladybirds :) Because of that many Ladybirds, I convinced that this place is indeed so sacred :)



Don't forget to watch the video at the end :)

Finally, the city was decorated with fascinating street art that you want to keep still and just watch.






And I found the most beautiful cat in the UK