2022 Summer highlight Montenegro Part 1

2022 Summer highlight Montenegro Part 1


This summer we had 10 days of Montenegro visit in July, this was one of the best travels that I had so far.

I love travelling, it energises me. I have noticed that I am more productive on the travel somehow, I am doing my jobs, reading books and enjoying the travel at the same time. I am more creative, it gives me more ideas and dreams to follow.

We have started our Montenegro journey with the world's best car :) It is not me, Canadian hitchhikers said that when we met them on the road and they had a short journey in our car.

As Montenegro is a small country, but every bit of the country is different heaven it is worth hiring a car and travelling by car to see the gems of the country. Public transport is not as convenient as a car, you might change your plans depending on the public transport timing, even you might skip the places that you want to visit due to no public transport on the particular day or etc.

So it will make the journey inconvenient. Also, car hiring is much cheaper than in most of the European countries, so it is affordable. We made a great choice to rent this green lady and it made our journey more enjoyable, with its open top :)

20220711_131936.jpg 20220718_074907.jpg 20220711_131938.jpg

Okay, on the 1st day we stayed near Lake Skadar, and the next day visited the lake, hired the boat and did 2 hrs of lake tour. It was amaaziiing. This lake lies on the border of Montenegro and Albania. Our tour guide on the boat gave us lots of precious information during the tour, but I don’t remember much, which is a shame. I will try to write down the information I get during my travels, but I promise this every time and I fail. I just want to enjoy the moment at that time, but I got upset afterwards when I don’t remember any. Anyway, I remember how beautiful the lake was, and lots of rare birds live there, which makes the place even more precious. This lake is the second largest lake in Europe. Let the pictures talk :) 20220711_112423.jpg 20220711_101925044_iOS.jpeg 20220711_094236594_iOS.jpeg 20220711_101810118_iOS.jpeg 20220711_094509613_iOS.jpeg 20220711_094330434_iOS.jpeg 20220711_082640710_iOS.jpeg 20220711_090158354_iOS.jpeg

Then we head to Ulcinj the next day, even though Ulcinj was a also very beautiful city, it was the one that I liked it less than other cities. So imagine how beautiful Kotor and Budva were 🙂 But the road view from Virpazar to Ulcinj was worth visiting that city: 20220711_141317858_iOS.jpeg 20220711_121222389_iOS.jpeg 20220711_121514257_iOS.jpeg 20220711_121730349_iOS.jpeg 20220711_121250401_iOS.jpeg 20220711_121220921_iOS.jpeg

We spent the night in Ulcinj’s old town, the town was full of parties and lights, the kinds of music were just fantastic. We went to the restaurant which serves the best fish in the town, but unfortunately, we waited for 1.5-2 hrs for food to be served. So this approved the popular Montenegrin phrases like:

"If you have the urge to work, sit down, wait and you'll see it will pass.” etc :)

Check out this post to see more Montenegrin phrases


It wasn’t a nice experience, but the restaurant and food were amazing. Especially the view from the restaurant was just breathtaking. 20220711_191605060_iOS.jpeg 20220711_191719710_iOS.jpeg

Oh and we tasted the Montenegrin wine for the first time, it was really good. Then I just searched on google and found out that Montegrin wine is one the bests in Europe, even though it is not known.


I am going to share the rest of our travel in the next posts. In the meantime follow my Instagram account to see more stories, pics, videos and memories from Montenegro.